• Non Vegetarian

    • Tandoori Chicken Salad

      Tandoori Chicken Salad


      Clay oven char grilled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and summer salad with mustard dressing.

    • Tandoori Chicken

      Tandoori Chicken

      $14.50 - $24.50

      Spring chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic & spices then roasted in tandoor oven.

    • Chicken Tikka

      Chicken Tikka


      Boneless tender chicken fillets marinated- in yoghurt, c cooked in tandoor oven spices

    • Chicken Malai Tikka

      Chicken Malai Tikka


      Tender chicken fillets marinated in cashew nuts fresh cream, garlic, gingers, cheese
      cooked in charcoal tandoori oven

    • Chicken Haryali kabab

      Chicken Haryali kabab


      Chicken marinated in fresh coriander mint garlic ginger eh Spinach Paste cooked in charcoal tandoori oven

    • Seekh Kabab

      Seekh Kabab


      lamb mince rolls into skewer c roasted in tandoor oven served with mint dips

    • Lamb Chop

      Lamb Chop


      lamb chops marinated in chefs oven style cooked in tandoor

    • Prawn Pakora

      Prawn Pakora


      -King prawns dipped in chickpeas batter c deep fried served with mix, salad

    • Tandoori Prawn

      Tandoori Prawn


      Praws marinated in tandoori paste roasted in tandoor

    • Tandoori Fish Tikka

      Tandoori Fish Tikka

      $14.50 - $24.50

      Boneless pieces of seasonal - fish wrapped in herbs spices, smoked in tandoori oven

    • Fish Pakora

      Fish Pakora


      Boneless pieces of seasonal- fish wrapped in herbs and spices and deep fried

    • Mixed Platters

      Mixed Platters


      Selection of Chicken tikka, Prawn Pakora, lamb chops and chicken haryafi kebab

    • Vegetarian(Entree)

    • Samosa



      Home Made Pasty Stuffed- with Potatoes, Peas, Cheese e Carrot

    • Pakora



      (sorted Fresh vegetables smothered in chickpeas batter and deep fried.

    • Paneer Tikka

      Paneer Tikka


      Cheese in chef's secret recipe, roasted in tandoor along with
      capsicum, Taomatoes c& Onion

    • Onion Bhaji

      Onion Bhaji


      Sliced onions dipped in chickpea batter & deep fried

    • Tandoori Mushroom

      Tandoori Mushroom


      Fresh seasonal Mushroom stuffed with potatos and Cottage Cheese
      cooked in tandoor oven

    • Vegetarian Mixed Platters

      Vegetarian Mixed Platters


      Combination of samosa, onion bhaji and paneer tikka

    • Quickstarter

    • Papadum & Dips

      Papadum & Dips


      Papadums served with raita e mango cutney entree

    • Indo Chinese Non Veg

    • Chilli Chicken

      Chilli Chicken


      lido Chinese Style boneless chicken cooked in onion, capsicum and hot green chilies

    • Chicken Lollipops

      Chicken Lollipops


      Specially cut chicken wrings cooked in chef's special homemade sauce

    • Chilli Garlic Prawn

      Chilli Garlic Prawn


      Indo Chinese Style prawn cooked in onion, capsicum
      and green Chillies

    • Chicken Fried- Rice

      Chicken Fried- Rice

    • Indo Chinese Veg

    • Honey Cauliflower

      Honey Cauliflower


      2L great combination of cauliflower & honey cooked in garlic, lemon & Indian spices

    • Cheese Chilli

      Cheese Chilli


      lndo Chinese style cottage cheese cooked in onion, Capsicum and green Chillies

    • Honey Potato Chilly

      Honey Potato Chilly


      great combination of potato and honey mustard cooked in garlic, lemon & Indian spices

    • Fried Rice Veg

      Fried Rice Veg

    • Mains Non Veg

    • Butter Chicken

      Butter Chicken


      Marinated Chicken fillets roasted in tandoor oven and cooked in creamy tamato butter sauce

    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      Chicken Tikka Masala


      Tender chicken fillets roasted in tandoor oven, cooked- with onion capsicum and spices

    • Chicken Jalfrezi

      Chicken Jalfrezi


      Chicken Cooked with vegetables

    • Mango Chicken

      Mango Chicken


      Chicken cooked- in mango gravy and Indian herbs & spices

    • Creamy Fenugreek Chicken

      Creamy Fenugreek Chicken


      Chicken cooked in fanugreek and Creamy Sauce

    • Do Piaza

      Do Piaza


      Tender Succuknt Chicken/ Glmb/ beef cooked with diced
      onions, spices and made into a semi dry

    • Kadhai



      Chicken/Lamb/Beef Cooked with onion capsicum, ginger,
      garlic with a touch of coriander herbs and spices.

    • Bhuna



      Chicken/Lamb/Beef cooked with garam masala, ginger, garlic and spices

    • Sides

    • Mix Seasonal Vegetables

      Mix Seasonal Vegetables

    • Cucumber/Mix/Indian Salad

      Cucumber/Mix/Indian Salad

    • Fries


    • Pappadums


    • Chicken Avocado Salad

      Chicken Avocado Salad

    • Prawn Salad

      Prawn Salad

    • Potato Wedges

      Potato Wedges

    • Condiments

    • (ATM (Cucumber & Yoghurt)

      (ATM (Cucumber & Yoghurt)

    • PicCks (Lime, Mango & Chilli)

      PicCks (Lime, Mango & Chilli)

    • Sweet Mango Chutney

      Sweet Mango Chutney

    • Indian Dips Patter

      Indian Dips Patter

    • Desserts

    • Gulaab Jamun

      Gulaab Jamun


      Maderia Cake Batts-, 'Drowned in Sweet Syrup

    • Mango Kulfi

      Mango Kulfi


      Fresh Mango Pulp and Ground Almonds, Whipped into a floe made Ice-Cream

    • Ice Cream

      Ice Cream


      Ask for the choice

    • Choco Samosa(With Vanila Ice Cream) 4 Pcs

      Choco Samosa(With Vanila Ice Cream) 4 Pcs


      Mikchocofrite wrapped in a steaming hot samosa
      served with vanila ice cream

    • Chocolate fudge Cake

      Chocolate fudge Cake


      `Warm Chocolate Fudge cake Served with lcecream

    • Mango Lassi

      Mango Lassi


      Indian Style Mango smoothie made from yoghurt and fresh mango pulp

    • Paan Shot

      Paan Shot


      Great mouth freshner made from Betel leaves, Betel- nut

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